Selected Exhibitions
2013 Qui sommes-nous?, Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montréal.

2012‭ ‬Papier‭ ‬12,‭ ‬Art Fair of Works on Paper,‭ ‬Maison Kasini and Galerie d‭’‬Art Jean-Claude Bergeron,‭ ‬Montréal.

2011‭ ‬Trusted Everywhere by Everyone,‭ ‬Maison Kasini,‭ ‬Montréal.

2011‭ ‬Montréal Contemporary Art,‭ ‬South End Art Hop,‭ ‬Burlington,‭ ‬NY.

2011‭ ‬Papier‭ ‬11,‭ ‬Art Fair of Works on Paper,‭ ‬Maison Kasini and Galerie d‭’‬Art Jean-Claude Bergeron,‭ ‬Montréal.

2011‭ ‬Je me Souvenirs,‭ ‬Members show‭ @ ‬articule,‭ ‬Montréal.

2011‭ ‬10th Anniversary Distroboto Exhibition,‭ ‬Gallery Monastiraki,‭ ‬Montréal.

2010 Who’s Who,  articule, Montréal.

2010‭ ‬Spin Cycle,‭ ‬Solo Show at Café Fractal,‭ ‬Montréal.

2010‭ ‬Festival International de Montréal en Arts,‭ ‬Montréal.

2010‭ ‬Torn Passages,‭ ‬Solo show at‭ ‬Maison Kasini,‭ ‬Montréal.

2009‭ ‬Print Zero‭ ‬6,‭ ‬Print Zero Studios,‭ ‬Seattle‭; ‬5th Parallel Gallery,‭ ‬University of‭ ‬Regina‭; ‬SUNY,‭ ‬Buffalo‭; ‬Mouse Print Gallery,‭ ‬Concordia University,‭ ‬Montréal.

2009‭ ‬Graphic Voyage,‭ ‬Solo show at‭ ‬Raw Sugar Cafe,‭ ‬Ottawa‭; ‬Atelier Circulaire,‭ ‬Montréal.

2009‭ ‬Corps,‭ ‬Cafe Nu Art,‭ ‬Montréal.

2006‭ ‬Festival International de Montréal en Arts,‭ ‬Montréal.

2006‭ ‬Nature of State,‭ ‬Redbird Studios,‭ ‬Montréal.‭

2005‭ ‬enhabitation,‭ ‬a group show of‭ ‬in situ urban installations in the‭ Mile End,‭ ‬Montréal.

2005‭ ‬Reconnaissance,‭ ‬residency with Boreal Art-Nature,‭ ‬Labelle.

2004‭ ‬Biennale Internationale d‭’‬Art Miniature,‭ ‬Salle Augustin-Chenier,‭ ‬Ville-Marie.

2004‭ ‬Lasting Impressions,‭ ‬Galerie de la Ville,‭ ‬Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

2002‭ ‬UltraVide,‭ ‬La Fonderie Darling,‭ ‬Montréal.

2001‭ ‬What‭’‬s that you‭’‬re reading‭?‬,‭ ‬articule,‭ ‬Montréal.


Lumi Group,‭ ‬Montréal.

Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec,‭ ‬Montréal.

Calgary Children‭’‬s Hospital,‭ ‬Calgary.

Export Development Corporation,‭ ‬Ottawa.

Human Resources and Development Canada,‭ ‬Ottawa.
Carl David Ruttan‭’‬s work is also featured in many private collections around the world.‭ ‬The following cities are just some which are home to his works:‭ ‬Montréal,‭ ‬New York City,‭ ‬Chicago,‭ ‬Detroit,‭ ‬Toronto,‭ ‬Calgary,‭ ‬Ottawa,‭ ‬Berlin,‭ ‬London,‭ ‬Paris,‭ ‬Tokyo,‭ ‬Bangkok,‭ ‬Rio de Janeiro,‭ ‬New Delhi,‭ ‬Islamabad,‭ ‬Los Angeles,‭ ‬Boston,‭ ‬Portland,‭ ‬Cleveland,‭ ‬Miami,‭ ‬Halifax,‭ ‬and Washington D.C.‭

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